• Comprehensive distribution network across Maldives

    One source provider for a wide range of well-known fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) and other branded food products.

  • Innovative Thinking

    One-stop source that is reliable, organized and trustworthy, catering to and satisfying the local needs of the Maldivian market.

  • Uncovering Asia’s possibilities through deep insights and unique foresight

    Insight-led, Opportunity-ready

We are a dedicated supplier of fast-moving consumer goods, fruits, vegetables
and more for the retail, industrial, and foodservice markets.

We thrive to be the most trustworthy and the most reliable connection between suppliers and buyers in business. By giving value for money, maintaining and encouraging open dialogues with customers and suppliers by building trust through integrity and fairness.


Our local team is dedicated to connecting world food markets to a sustainable, reliable food supply in Maldives.


We source and supply quality fast moving consumer goods from all over the world. We are constantly adding new products to our line.


We have broad, local distribution, in the retail, industrial, and food service markets.

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About Confood

Confood is a dedicated business in Maldives specializing in supply and distribution of various fast-moving consumer goods & products, beverages, fruits, vegetables and more for the retail, industrial, foodservice markets, mainly to the resort industry. Confood was formed in 2019 with the vision of becoming the finest in food supply business and set a bench mark on quality, delivery and performance in the industry.

We are steadfast to provide excellence and are devoted towards delivering high quality food products with the commitment of maintaining customer satisfaction as our focus.

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